Facial and Body Waxing Services


  the neither regions 

 We get that any body waxing is not an easy thing to have done. But it doesn't have to be really painful either. Especially brazilian waxing. It's not an a comfortable situation to be put in every time and we know that. We can say for sure though, it does get pretty painless as time goes by. If it's your first time, it can be rough but we know from experience that as long as you stay committed and on a regular schedule, your waxing will be easy breezy!


The Fair Maiden (Classic Bikini) $25 

Duchess ( Extented Bikini) $35

The Queen (* Full Brazilian) $55 

With Landing Strip or triangle. Includes backside )$65

Princess ( Full wax removal front and back ( Brazilian) $60 +

The Prince's Popper ( Male Brazilian)$75 +


**Half Leg Wax $35

**Full Leg Wax $65

**Full Leg & Bikini $90

**Full Leg & Extended Bikini $100

**Full Leg & Brazilian $110 -$120 

Buttocks $15 - $25

**Back $50

**Just Chest $45

**Full chest and stomach $65

Under Arms $18

Half Arm $25 & up

**Full Arm $35 & up

Tummy $10 & up

Shoulders $25

  facial waxing

Lip $10

Chin $10

Side burns $10

Ears $15

Brow Tint $25

Lash Tint $25

Brow Design $25 (includes wax, shaping, brow fill-in, and highlight )

Total Tweeze for brows: No waxing $20

Eye Enhancement Pk $60 (Brow Design, brow tint, lash tint, Hydrating eye mask, and eye cream)

Male Brow shaping $20 $45 (Side burns, ears, & nose)


*Make sure to rebook every 4 to 5 weeks to receive your neither Regions for only $45

** For large areas add $20 with sugaring

For medium areas add $10 with sugaring

For small areas $3 to $5 with sugaring


Maintainance is important. Prior to your waxing treatment, please remember to shower and scrub the areas that are to be removed, because it helps relax the hair follical prior to waxing. After your treatment we recommend that you refrain from any activity that causes you to sweat to avoid any irritation. Avoid scrubing for about 5 to 7 day's as the area was already exfoliated enough. To help reduce ingrown hairs, we recommend our ingrown hair solution and regular exfoliation one week after your initial waxing appointment.

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