Pre-booked sessions are recommended to stay on task and to achieve the best results.

1 session individually is $79. First time $40. 

2 sessions @ $125 ($62.50)

4 sessions @ $200 ($50)

6 sessions @ $270 ($45)

8 sessions @ $320 ($40)

10 sessions @ $350 ($35)


Body wrap sessions are limited to, No Sundays and Mondays. Must use within a full 30 calendar period. 

A 4 hour notice is required to reschedule. If no arrangements are made then its considered to be a No-Show, and the paid session will be lost. No-Shows can not be made up.

It is recommended that you stay hydrated and eat a light meal prior to your appointment. Make sure to Bring full, long sleeved sweats to change into and be prepared to shower the next day.