Acne Check List




1. Food Allergies 

 For acne, an irritation to a food can be just as bad as an allergy. Cut food out to see how you feel. It can take a few month maybe 6 to see how your digestive track heals. Avoid peanuts, they are a big acne cause and contain large amounts of progesterone.. Probiotics are also a good start to help with the healing.

2. Organic 

 Eat organic foods whenever possible. GMOS, Pesticides, and toxins are in all non organic foods which is a major cause of inflammitory acne in the face and all over the body. Comon GMO foods: processed foods, sugar, corn, soy, Aspartame, milk, canola oil, zucchini, papaya, yellow squash, tomato. 

3. Salt 

 Reducing or even elliminating salt can reduce flareups. Himalayan salt is a good alternative not seaweed or kelp.3

4. Biotin  

 Avoid large quantities of this. Side effects are acne.

5. Caffeine  

 Drinking too much raises hormones and stresses your adrenals which is no good for acne. Try replacing with an organic apple in stead.

6. Alcohol  

 Raises your estrogen levels, causes dehydration and toxicity. Beerbellies are caused by the " pregnant" look high levels of estrogen give you.

7. Soy 

 Increases high levels of estrogen.

8. Smoking and Enviornmental Allergies  

 This can cause a large breakout zone in the cheek area. 

9. Hormones  

 As said earlier, check with your physician to make sure your hormones are in check. Our bodies go through a massive hormone chaned every 7 to 10 years which can cause breakouts and pigmentation problems. Products with fragrance and toxins disrup hormones. 

10. Drink lots of Water H20  

 Avoid drinking water out of plastic bottles. They contain bad estrogens called estrone, estradiol, estriol. 

11. Sweat 

 Not keeping your face clean of sweat day and especially at night will cause your skin to breakout and typically for oily skin suffers. Activites that cause you to sweat you should wash your face right afterwards. Sweat can cause bacteria and clogging almost instantly!

12. Things that touch your face regularly like 

 Pillow cases, hair, and cell phones. Flip your pillow case, then change out. Alcohol your cell phone and keep a hand sanitizer near to keep your hands clean. 

13. Hair 

 Make sure hair oils and products stay off of your face. They rub onto your skin causing irritation and can clogg pores.

14. Toothpaste 

 Look for brands that do not contain parabens and sulfates.

15. Stress 

 Get as much sleep as you can. At least 8 hours. Stress causes your hormones to flucuate and adds in lack of sleep. 

16. Laundry Detergent / Fabric Softener 

 Free and Clear is best for your skin.

17. Makeup 

 Mineral is best but are not all created equally. Stay away from kinds that have irritants like bismuthoxide in it. And keep brushes clean daily. Use disposable if you can.

18. Oils 

 Stay away from unrefined oils that clogg your skin like coconut oil. Sunflower  and Jojoba oil is best.

19. Ice 

 For Cystic acne and inflammed areas icing the skin can help reduce inflammation. Using a clean towel apply for a few seconds repeating several times a day.


Do you have Acne? If so, here is a list that we have provided that you can start at home right now! You must use the right products or will not get clear. A professional needs to adjust product usage and monitor your skin in the first 2 to 4 weeks. If you have acne your face is a detox zone. Small changes internally and/or externally can set off a explosion! Acne is about management not a cure. Expect from time to time you will have pimples show up. With the right program you will also have weeks where you are clear!

Lifestyle changes are essential in achieving beautiful skin!